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Computer Network Services

Design and construction firms often pose unique challenges on their computer infrastructure. Let a design and construction firm that understands those challenges develop, upgrade, and maintain your valuable computer network infrastructure for you. With expertise in a variety of operating systems and OSS, Grace Allied can eliminate or reduce many of your recurring software licensing costs with software and network solutions that are more robustly built for high-demand workloads, more secure, and are readily auditable by your government clients.

Abbreviated summary of network infrastructure services:

  • Deployment of cloud-based storage solutions: allow all your staff to access documents, drawings, schedules, and practically anything else relating to their projects, whether in the office or in the field
  • Deployment of complete intranet infrastructures with network functionality tailored to meet your firm's needs: IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, SQL, NFS, SMB, WebDAV, DHCP, SSH, DNSSEC
  • System virtualization and high-availability service implementations for sensitive and mission critical processes
  • Complete migrations of commercial application suites and services to OSS counterparts that can save your firm's software licensing costs so that it can be better spent elsewhere
  • Secure data archiving and backup automation of valuable project data: Rest assured in the knowledge that data for your government projects that must be maintained for years will be retrievable for years
  • Network security and firewall systems: Custom implementations in stand-alone hardware for low latency and tailored to meet a variety of network topologies and access requirements
  • Deployment of complete LAMP stacks adapted to meet a variety of industrial and construction needs
  • Complete system and LAN migrations to open source software stacks

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