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Silhouette Railing Systems

The Silhouette railing system, deigned by Forms+Surfaces®, is modular and permits its components to be combined in a variety ways with a diverse selection of finishes and infill-panel configurations allowing a range of transparency and opacity with styles designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The Silhouette system also provides optional LED illumination and, because it's integrated to the system, there's no need for UL testing on your part.

Silhouette Railing System Variations with Glass Infills (12 images)

Silhouette Railing System Variations with Opaque Infills (26 images)

Silhouette Railing System Variations with Cable Infills (4 images)

Silhouette Infill-Panel Configurations (3 images)

Features at a glance:

  • Comprehensive range of components for handrails, guardrails and specialized applications
  • Beautiful cast fittings in polished stainless steel or bronze
  • Rails of stainless steel or bronze tubing; additional materials available
  • Numerous infill options: cable system, VividGlass, stainless steel, and other materials
  • Unique illumination option with continuous LED light strip embedded in rail
  • Can be tailored for partitions, information displays and custom applications
  • Multiple installation options; minimal field prep required
  • Designed to comply with ADA guidelines
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