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Electronics and Custom Logic

Automation for your manufacturing or construction project is within your grasp. Allied Integrated Systems possesses a unique IP portfolio ready for adaptation to your own custom solution. Save time, save money, increase productivity, and enhance your creations by having us integrate our technology into your next project.

Abbreviated list of software engineering services:

  • Microcontroller and single-board system programming for Atmel, ARM, and x86 system architectures
  • Remote telemetry, command & control
  • Binary cryptography for secure point-to-point communication with your project employing Allied Integrated System's high-speed SigmaCrypt M1 streaming cipher and other cryptographic systems
  • Optical pattern recognition for content-based analysis problems employing Allied Integrated System's IAU visual analysis system
  • Custom applications programming and software heuristics solutions to automate complex trade and industry-specific problems

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