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Technology Initiative

Grace Allied Technology Initiative

Allied Metal Group, in partnership with its design and technology subsidiary Grace Allied, commences an applied technology initiative for integration of its advanced IP into a diversified product and service line of architectural, industrial, and construction applications. Candidate technologies encompass filament manufacturing, radio frequency facilitated command and control, self-organizing network protocols, and binary encryption. The next derivative if this initiative, Grace Allied's Sentinel Cluster, entered alpha-stage prototyping in 2014 Q4 and is scheduled for beta-stage testing 2015 Q3.

Grace Allied is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Metal Group. It specializes in a range of internally developed advanced software heuristics technologies integrated to secure and readily auditable OSS stacks for government and industrial applications. In partnership with Allied Metal Group, Grace Allied develops the software logic used within durable and precision-engineered deliverables constructed and deployed by Allied Metal Group.

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