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New VersaWall System Enters RTM Phase

Allied Metal Group - VersaWall Operable and Fixed Panel, Small Wall Segment Configuration

Allied Metal Group releases its new VersaWall system to manufacturing with simultaneous availability to end customers and first deployments scheduled for Q2 2017.

Developed from a variety of durable and modular industrial-grade components, VersaWall provides an exceptional combination of strength, economy, and ease of deployment over conventional operable wall and partition systems while offering load bearing capacities capable of exceeding that of the framing system at its point of installation*, making it among the strongest of its kind. Designed with slender structural components treated with an architectural grade anodized finish, VersaWall blends easily into streamlined settings but remains durable enough for commercial and industrial deployment. VersaWall system elements are designed to easily accommodate most common trim materials for smooth transitions into the surrounding spaces of your project. VersaWall panel infill options include a broad range of materials including colored and clear acrylic, colored and clear shatter-resistant polycarbonate, clear tempered-laminated glass, perforated and solid metal plate, and ballistic-grade translucent infills. Accessory options include integrated textile/curtain supports and "floating" VersaWall storage modules.

With modularity built-in, VersaWall allows a nearly infinite combination of fixed and operable panels at practically unlimited total assembly length.

Contact an Allied Metal Group representative for pricing and design assistance to begin incorporating VersaWall products into your project today.

* Specific load capacities vary by design and component configuration. Comparative structural systems include light gauge metal and conventional stud wall framing. VersaWall and VersaRail installations can be installed in most structural framing systems including steel reinforced concrete and structural steel.
Available only on specific VersaWall structural configurations.

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