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Construction Management

Whether managing an existing construction project or planning new construction, Allied Metal Group can help manage your project for you from budgeting and design development to final construction. Beyond planning, Allied Metal Group can help your firm succeed in a competitive bid environment with tools and expertise in forecasting costs and value engineering scopes of work individually valued to eight figures.

Possessing proven statistical methodologies implemented in software for your convenience, Allied Metal Group can help you understand what your project will cost and, more importantly, why. Combined with extensive expertise in federal and municipal contracting procedures, Allied Metal Group can not only accurately forecast costs and find innovative ways to reduce them further, but also ensure the projects you bid stay on budget, stay on schedule, and conform to owner-agency specifications and requirements.

Abbreviated list of construction management services:

  • Management of large and small manufacturing and construction projects through all stages, from design-development to final construction
  • Cloud deployment of sophisticated project management software (scheduling, issue-tracking, and document management) to allow your whole firm to manage all its project simultaneously in the office or remotely in the field
  • Development of custom software solutions tailored to your trade/industry-specific requirements to help you accurately bid more work even faster
  • Forecast your project's costs statistically using sophisticated bid modeling implemented in software
  • Value engineering, for entire scopes of work and at the component level, to meet constrained budgetary requirements

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